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Red Bean Bilberry Extract

[English name]: Lingonberry [Latin name]: Vacciniumvitis-idaea [Source]: This product is the fruit of Vacciniumvitis-idaea in Rhododendronaceae [Specification]: fruit powder/5:1/proanthocyanidin 25% [ Application]: food, beverage, fruit wine, health care products, cosmetics, etc. [shelf life]: 24 months [package]: 25kg/cardboard drum [storage]: in a cool and dry place, sealed and protected from light

Northern red bean, scientific name: red bean bilberry (Vacciniumvitis-idaea), mainly distributed in the primeval forests of the Daxinganling Mountains north of 52 degrees north latitude.The color is bright red and the leaves can be used as medicine.It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, rich superoxide dismutase, and also rich in inorganic elements such as amino acids, flavonoids, and Fe.

Red bean bilberry is a natural wild berry with high nutritional value. It contains a large amount of nitrogen-based acids, organic acids, various mineral elements, volatile components, vitamins, sugars and other nutrients. The amino acid content is also quite rich. It has been tested There are 24 types, and the proportions are appropriate.Very good natural food pigments such as 3-galactose-cyanidin can be extracted from red bean and bilberry.The fruits, stems and leaves of bilberry contain phenols, tannins, and raw materials.anthocyaninflavonoids, anthocyanins and other active ingredients, which have antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-microwave, anti-radiation and other effects.Both bilberry fruits and leaves can be used as medicine and have many effects such as anti-aging, improving vision, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, diuretic, and anti-diarrhea.

[English name]: Lingonberry

[Latin name]:Vacciniumvitis-idaea

[Source]: This product is Vaccinium genus of Ericaceae (Vaccinium genus).Vacciniumvitis-idaea) the fruit of

[Specifications]: Fruit powder/5:1/proanthocyanidins 25%

[Application]: Food, beverages, fruit wine, health products, cosmetics, etc.

[Shelf life]: 24 months

[Packaging]: 25kg/cardboard drum

[Storage]: Store in a cool, dry place, sealed and away from light



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