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Longze Biotechnology was established in 2009 and has a branch in Jilin.
Adjacent to the Qinling Mountains is rich in vegetation, and relying on the unique treasure house of plant resources in Changbai Mountains and Daxinganling Mountains to provide high-quality raw materials for the company.
Our company is committed to the development, production and sales of anthocyanin series extracts, natural fruit and vegetable powder and other standard extracts.
After 13 years of development, Longze Biotechnology has become a leader in the industry. The company has a professional production plant in Xi'an and a raw material processing base in Jilin. The annual processing capacity of raw materials reaches 4,000 tons. From product development, raw and auxiliary materials storage control, production process monitoring, finished product quality tracking, after-sales service, etc., strict control is carried out in strict accordance with cGMP requirements to ensure that product quality meets various technical standards and special requirements of customers.


development path
2023 The new factory was established and put into production: the new factory in Baoji was established and officially put into production
2022 Organic Certification: Obtained Gazelle Enterprise Certification and EU, USDA Organic Certification
2021 Expansion of warehouse: In order to meet the needs of development, the existing warehouse will be expanded
2020 Newly added equipment: the factory replaces outdated equipment and adds new equipment to make it more efficient and safer
2018 High-quality supplier: Obtained the high-quality supplier of blackcurrant extract (anthocyanin) from Shaanxi Plant Extraction Industry Association
2017 Establish overseas warehouses: the company cooperates with North America Network and establishes warehouses in Los Angeles and New Jersey, USA
2015 Establishment of bases: The company actively responded to the national targeted poverty alleviation policy and cooperated with local farmers in Jilin to establish blueberry and purple corn production bases
2014 Qualification certification: the company has passed ISO9001, HALAL, KOSHER, SC, Alibaba high-quality supplier certification
2013 cGMP standard: the company has perfected the factory and laboratory equipment in strict accordance with the cGMP standard
2011 Establishment of Xi'an Company: Establishment of Xi'an Longze Biotechnology Engineering Co., Ltd.
2009 Establishment of Jilin Company: Establishment of Jilin Longze Biotechnology Engineering Co., Ltd.


we promise
OEM service
20 years of research and development experience, a strong research and development team, providing customized services, welcome domestic and foreign OEM production opportunities.

Overseas warehouse
There are warehouses in New Jersey and Los Angeles in the United States to ensure that foreign customers receive the goods in a short time.
Factory direct sales
We are a professional supplier of health food raw materials, a 13-year strength factory.

Quality Management System
We have a complete product safety and quality control system.We have EU organic and US NOP organic NIC certification.

Fast delivery

quality supplier

24h fast after-sales service

professional packaging



Company address: Floor 15, Unit 2, Building 8, Yicui Shangfu North District, Tangyan South Road, Xi'an High-tech Development Zone
Factory address 1: Outside the south gate of Hui'an Company, Yuxia Town, Huyi District, Xi'an City
Factory address 2:No.3, Tonghua Road, Jinhe Industrial Park, Jintai District, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province


Company address: Room 1112, Building 4 of the Shangdong City Light 3000 Dongsheng Street, Erdao District, Changchun City, Jilin Province, China
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