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[Wonderful Review]Longze BiotechnologyChina International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC2024) came to a successful conclusion!

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Invitation 3

At the bustling exhibition of the annual China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC2024), Longze Biotechnology displayed a series of company products, attracting the attention of many visitors.After the exhibition, Longze Biotechnology

The team reviewed the exhibition experience and evaluated the company's performance in the exhibition.Here, we will share Longze Biotechnology’s exhibition experience and insights into the exhibition.




The China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC2024) attended by Longze Biotechnology attracted visitors and exhibitors from all over the country.Longze Biotechnology showcased anthocyanin and fruit and vegetable powder seriesproducts, including cranberries

The production process and efficacy of blackcurrant extract, black elderberry extract and blueberry extract attracted many visitors to stop and admire.During the exhibition, Long ZeshengThe products have received widespread attention.company sales

Sales representatives, marketing specialists and R&D teams were on hand to answer questions for visitors and introduce the features and advantages of the products.



Company profile illustration

Longze Biotechnology is a professional supplier of healthy food ingredients. It relies on exquisite technology, excellent quality, responsible service and good reputation to gain customer satisfaction and recognition.In the spirit of 'green nature·harmony and sincerity'letter'

company philosophy to serve the masses and strive to promote the healthy development of the food industry.Longze BiotechnologyFocus on organic blueberry extract (organic blueberry powder), elderberry extract (elderberry powder), bilberry extract(Europe

Plant extracts such as bilberry powder) and cranberry extract (cranberry powder).Mainly used in pharmaceutical raw materials, health food, beauty cosmetics and other fields.



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