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Cranberries have a lot of nutritional value, are you eating right?

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Cranberry, named for its flowers resembling the head and beak of a crane, is a plant of the genus Vaccinium in the family Rhododendronaceae of the dicotyledonous plant class; while the cranberry itself has a strong sour taste, cranberry extract is used as juice for drinks It is usually mixed with sweeter ingredients such as syrup or apple juice.It is a natural antibacterial health-care fruit, and it is the best natural therapeutic food for preventing and treating various bacterial infections, urethritis, cystitis, and chronic pyelonephritis in women's daily urinary system.

Therefore, many cranberry products are very popular in the market nowadays, because cranberry is rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and other antioxidant substances, and is also rich in pectin. On the one hand, it can supplement the skin with a lot of needed Nutrient elements, on the other hand, can also resist free radicals to cause skin aging, and can also help eliminate toxins and fats in the body, improve constipation, and play a role in beauty and beauty.So many women have regarded it as one of the most important daily skin care products.

Cranberries are rich in various nutrients, and cranberries can provide the body with the protection ability of antibiotics, and this 'natural antibiotic' will not only make the body resistant to drugs, but also do not have to worry about side effects of drugs. So it doesn't matter if you eat it every day.So it was once called 'natural antibiotic'.In addition to beauty and beauty, it also has various functions such as protecting cardiovascular, preventing urinary infection, preventing Alzheimer's disease, and protecting the stomach.

According to a research report published by researchers from the US Department of Agriculture at a medical conference held in Washington on September 20, 2012, experiments have shown that healthy adults can moderately lower blood pressure if they regularly drink low-calorie cranberry juice.It is said that a total of 56 healthy adults with an average age of 51 years old participated in this randomized trial. One group of people drank about 227 grams of low-calorie cranberry juice every morning and dinner, and the other group drank cranberry juice with similar color and taste. placebo.

The red berries of cranberry can be used as fruit and are currently widely planted in some areas of North America. The harvested fruits are used to make juice, jam, etc.At present, the commonly used storage method is hot air drying, and the skin of cranberries will turn black after hot air drying.In the United States cranberry sauce is a traditional topping for the turkey main course at Thanksgiving.

Cranberry extract is one of the foods with great anti-corrosion ability, and it can be stored in the freezer for about nine months without opening.In 1677, the New England colonial government paid tribute to King Charles II of England with 3 famous North American native products, including 2 large barrels of Indian corn, 3,000 cod and 3 large barrels of cranberries.But after a long voyage, both the cod and corn were rotten, and only the cranberries were presented to the king in their fresh and original appearance, and the cranberries became famous because of this, and therefore the wild cranberries became the earliest in the 'New World'. One of the products exported to the UK.

In 'Cranberries and the American Immigration Past', the story of cranberries that can prevent scurvy was also written: a young couple from York came to North America, but the ship they took deviated from going to the colonies The route, lack of food and water on board, scurvy has claimed the lives of many people.A group of migrants was forced to leave the beach and head inland in search of food.

Cranberry Extract (aka Cranberry Extract)

Cranberries containProantho Cyanidins, also known asproanthocyanidinsOr condensed tannins, which are very few ingredients in other fruits and vegetables, make it impossible for bacteria to attach to the human body to grow, thereby reducing the probability of human acquired infection.improveatherosclerosis, restores elasticity, prevents polyarterial blood flow in cardiovascular disease, and significantly improves outcomes.cranberryVitamin C,iron,Antioxidants, rich in proanthocyanidins, can prevent cell damage while maintaining the health and vitality of cells, making the skin soft and rosy.There are currently many extract manufacturers, and Longze Biotechnology is one of them.

Longze Biotechnology is a professional health food raw material supplier, with professional technology, excellent quality, best service and best reputation to obtain customer satisfaction and recognition.In line with the company philosophy of green nature, harmony and integrity, we serve the masses and strive to promote the healthy development of the food industry.Longze BiotechnologyFocusing on plant extracts and fruit extracts, the hot-selling products are blueberry extract (blueberry powder), elderberry extract (elderberry powder), lingonberry extract (bilberry powder), cranberry Cranberry extract (cranberry powder) and other plant extracts, blueberry extract (blueberry proanthocyanidins) are mainly used in the fields of pharmaceutical raw materials, health food, and beauty cosmetics.



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