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Purple Sweet Potato Extract

[English name]: Purple Potato [Latin name]: Solanum tuberdsm [Source]: This product is the fruit of Convolvulaceae Ipomoea genus (Solanum tuberdsm) [Specification]: raw powder & water-soluble powder & anthocyanin 10% ( UV European method) & Anthocyanins 10% (HPLC) [Application]: Food, beverage, fruit wine, health care products, cosmetics, etc. [Shelf life]: 24 months [Packing]: 25kg/cardboard drum [Storage]: Cool and dry place, Sealed and protected from light

Purple potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam), belongs to the herbaceous plant of the genus Ipomoea in the family Convolvulaceae. The potato flesh is purple to deep purple, so it is also called black potato, purple heart sweet potato or purple flesh sweet potato.purple sweet potato issweet potatoA special type of variety that combines food,CropsAnd the characteristics of medicinal crops, in addition to the composition and function of common sweet potato, it also has a variety of physiological effects, and is an important raw material for food, medicine, chemical industry, light industry, textile and other industries.

Purple sweet potato contains more than 10 kinds of Se, Zn, Fe, P, etc.Mineral elements, containing 18 kinds of amino acids, rich inVitamin C, B, A and other 8 kinds of vitamins, especially anthocyanins which contain a lot of medicinal value.

Purple Sweet Potato Extract

[English name]: Purple Potato

[Latin name]:Solanum tuber dsm

[Source]: This product is purple sweet potato of Convolvulaceae Ipomoea genus (Solanum tuber dsm) of the fruit

[Specification]: raw powder & water soluble powder & anthocyanin 10% (UV European method) & anthocyanin 10% (HPLC)

[Application]: food, beverage, fruit wine, health care products, cosmetics, etc.

[Shelf life]: 24 months

[Packing]: 25kg/cardboard drum

[Storage]: Store in a cool and dry place, sealed and protected from light



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