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rosehip extract

[English name]: Rose Hip [Latin name]: Rosa Laevigata Michx. [Source]: This product is the fruit of Rosa Laevigata Michx. in the family Rosaceae [Specification]: fruit powder & 5:1 & VC70% & Polyphenols 20% & Flavonoids 20% [Application]: Food, beverage, fruit wine, health products, cosmetics, etc. [Shelf life]: 24 months [Packing]: 25kg/cardboard barrel [Storage]: Store in a cool and dry place, sealed and protected from light

Rose hips are the fleshy berries that develop from the receptacles of roses after they have withered.rosehipVitamin CThe highest content.After testing, the VC content in the edible part of every 100 grams of fresh fruit is more than 6810 mg, the highest is 8300 mg, it is the crown of 'earth plant fruit; it is known as the 'King of VC'. Calculated according to its content, the VC content of rosehip is 100% in citrus 220 times that of apples; 1360 times that of apples; one gram of rose hips is equivalent to the VC content of one kilogram of apples; yesBlackcurrant26 times that of strawberry; 190 times that of strawberry; 213 times that of red bean; 130 times that of kiwi.2-3 rose hips are enough for the human body to need VC throughout the day and night, and the VC content of a 500-gram can of rose jam can guarantee the needs of a company soldier in the army throughout the day.It is regarded as 'special medicine for treating scurvy' by European countries; it is known as 'vitamin record holder'.Due to the high content of vitamin C, rosehip has also been widely used in the beauty industry.Moreover. Rose hips are very suitable for making desserts such as cakes and fruit tarts, or as jams and jellies.

As a member of the Rosaceae family, rose hips have been used as food or medicine.In foreign countries, the research on rose hips has been carried out, and its nutrient content is rich, it is one of the fruits and vegetablesVcOne of the fruits with the highest content; in addition, rose hips also contain other vitamins, minerals,caroteneflavonoidsfruit acidTannic acid, pectin, sugars, amino acids andessential fatty acidsThese compounds play a very important role in maintaining fruit quality and nutritional value, and are valuable raw materials for the development of new health medicines and nutritional drinks.

[English name]: Rose Hip

[Latin name]:Rosa Laevigata Michx.

[Source]: This product is Rosaceae Rosa rosehip (Rosa Laevigata Michx.) of the fruit

[Specification]: fruit powder & 5:1 & VC70% & polyphenols 20% & flavonoids 20%

[Application]: food, beverage, fruit wine, health care products, cosmetics, etc.

[Shelf life]: 24 months

[Packing]: 25kg/cardboard drum

[Storage]: Store in a cool and dry place, sealed and protected from light



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