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blackcurrant powder

[English name]: Black currant [Latin name]: Ribes nigrum L. [Source]: This product is the fruit of saxifrage family Ribes nigrum L. [Specification]: fruit powder & 5:1 & Anthocyanins 25% (HPLC) [Application]: food, beverage, fruit wine, health care products, cosmetics, etc. [shelf life]: 24 months [package]: 25kg/cardboard barrel [storage]: in a cool and dry place, sealed and protected from light

Blackcurrant (scientific name:Ribes nigrum L.), deciduous leaves uprightshrub, 1-2 meters high; branchlets are dark gray or grayish brown, young branches are brown or tan, with varying density of pubescence; buds are oval or elliptical, with several yellowish brown or brown scales.The leaves are nearly round, heart-shaped at the base, dark green above, pubescent and yellow glands below; the petioles are pubescent and occasionally have sparse glands.Flowers bisexual;racemesDrooping or arcuate; inflorescence axis andpedicelpubescent;bractsLanceolate or ovoid; calyx light yellow-green or light pink; calyx tube nearly bell-shaped;sepalLigue-shaped; petals oval or ovate-elliptical.The fruit is nearly round, black when ripe, and has sparse glands.The flowering period is from May to June, and the fruiting period is from July to August.

Distributed in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang of China; also distributed in Europe, the former Soviet Union, Mongolia and northern Korea.Grows in moist valley bottoms, ditch edges or slopes in spruce forests, larch forests or under mixed coniferous and broad-leaved forests.

Blackcurrant fruit is rich in variousvitamins, sugar andorganic acidetc., especially the vitamin C content is high, and it is mainly used for making jam, fruit wine and beverages.

blackcurrant extract

[English name]: Black currant

[Latin name]:Ribes nigrum L.

[Source]: This product is from the family SaxifrageceaeTrichosanthesBlackcurrant(Ribes nigrum L.) the fruit of

[Specification]: Fruit powder & 5:1 & anthocyanins 25% (HPLC)

[Application]: Food, beverages, fruit wine, health products, cosmetics, etc.

[Shelf life]: 24 months

[Packaging]: 25kg/cardboard drum

[Storage]: Store in a cool, dry place, sealed and away from light



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